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For an innovation and creator friendly AI Act


Thoughts on merchandising protected authors’ works


European Writers’ Council (EWC) on the AI Act Proposal: Plea for the ART principle

The following is the second statement of EWC on AI. It is intended to inform decision makers during the trilogue phase of the (EU) AI Act Proposal.  With it, we…

WRITOIDS: A violation of Human Rights

By Dr Miguel Ángel Serrano, President of EWC and Human writer.
The author reflects on the systematic violation of intellectual property by big corporations and how that is harming writers in three levels: economic, reputational and psychologic.

Please, do not call it intelligent

By Nina George

Nina George is a New-York-Times bestseller novelist, President of Honor of the European Writers’ Council and it’s Commissioner for Political Affairs. She is actively facing the challenges of AI by participating in many fora at a European level.

AI: An ethical reflection

By Jens J Kramer, former Chair at The Syndikat, Germany. Jens is a crime novels writer. 

The following is a speech given by Mr Kramer at the EWC Business Issues Forum (BIF) held in Berlin on 3rd of June 2023. The BIF was made possible with the collaboration of EWC and the co-sponsors VG Wort and KulturWerk.

How machines think… or not

By Dr Miguel Ángel Serrano, President of EWC and Human writer. The author shows an example of the ill “thinking” capacities of AI, resulting in a ridiculous solution from the…

EWC Statement on Artificial “Intelligence” and the AI Act proposal

The following is the first statement of EWC on AI. It was released on 24 April 2023. It has a good impact in decision makers and our members, who distributed…

Joint statement on Artificial Intelligence and the AI Act

EWC is in constant search of alliances and coalitions to reinforce its points of view and standpoints. This join statement was launched on February by an stable group of organisations…