A*dS: Should we rename AI (and call it PI)?

Should we rename AI (and call it PI)?

Psychopathy is a personality disorder four times more common in men than in women, characterised by an incapacity to feel emotions and empathy. Those who suffer from it do not therefore suffer at all. The condition manifests itself in arrogant, manipulative, insensitive, persuasive and dominant personality traits. Psychopaths, in the hopeless quest to feel something, are prepared to resort to any lies, hypocrisy and cruelty to seduce and deceive people. Every action, every statement, every one of their manipulations leads to another because nothing is ever enough to grant them access to emotions or any kind of feeling, with the exception of envy. Psychopaths are only intelligent under a purely countable definition of intelligence. This includes all the mental functions that serve the acquisition of rational knowledge and the capacity to collate data, but excludes those that allow intimate understanding of feelings and intuition.

AI is characterised by its brilliant capacity to collate date from human sources (four times more frequently male from the dominant white culture). It does not feel anything, and therefore does not suffer from the imbalance created by the gendered slant of its sources.

The term intelligence is thus only valid according to the neoliberal definition of intelligence (see above).

Nicolas Couchepin, Novelist, President A*dS (Authors’ and Translators’ Association Switzerland).